Policy Pillars

“Let’s get out of our own way and make Kentucky the leading example to our Nation of what things can be like when Liberty is our first priority.”

– CZ


In all of our pursuits, “Who’s That Candidate”, from the presentation of our content to the activities in which we are involved or promote, we focus solely on protecting and advancing the sacred principle of Individual Freedom.

We view EVERYTHING through the foundational principle of Individual Freedom because it is the singular principle upon which our Country was founded. All of the Liberties that we enjoy and that our Constitution was written to safeguard, extend from individual freedom.

It is the HUB of Freedom’s wheel. As important as it is, the first priority of “Who’s That Candidate”, is to present solutions that are focused on protecting and advancing the sacred principle of Individual Freedom.

Remember, a gilded cage may be safe but it is still a cage.

It is not true FREEDOM.

Tax Freedom: The Pillar of Liberty

Property Tax

Make property tax illegal.

You can truly own something ONLY when you have absolute control over its possession. The government holds that position–not the ‘owner’ named on the deed. Property taxes leave the property’s named ‘owner’ in an extremely vulnerable, submissive, and coercible position concerning the government.

Corporate And Business Tax

Abolish corporate and business taxes.

Corporations and businesses do not pay taxes. For them, taxes are an overhead budget item and are, year over year, incorporated into the increased pricing of their goods and/or services. Thus, taxes are never actually paid by them but simply passed along downstream to their consumers. The people who actually pay those taxes are the blue and white-collar workers, the executives, and the shareholders who all pay by way of their own income taxes, and of course, the consumers who pay in the form of a sales tax.

State Income Tax

Abolish State Income Tax.

We know from the examples set by multiple states that have succeeded in removing this tax, that it has had a quantifiable positive effect. Tennessee, our border neighbor, has been enjoying this tax-free freedom and it has made them extremely attractive for new business development.

Uniform Consumption Tax

We propose a Total End-User Consumption Tax System for the State of Kentucky.

Our solution will immediately remove a monumental amount of government intrusion from our lives. It will place control of our taxes into our own hands based on our consumption choices. We will no longer be dependent on federal monies but instead, become a self-sufficient state internally financing its own social needs.

Education, The Pillar of Society

Education has been co-opted by the radical left and is being used for indoctrination, in such a way, as to undermine the core principles upon which our Country was founded. Education is now being used to attack the principle of Individual Freedom and Liberty in all of its forms: The Free Market, Free Speech, and Freedom of Assembly (especially as witnessed on College Campuses).

Successful Learning for All Children

Our educational system is based on the collective developmental progress of the ‘average’ student. This current system has proven to be wholly inadequate to meet the unique learning processes of each individual child. In self-paced models, the individual talents and interests of students are more easily identified and fostered. Not only is this greatly beneficial to the student but preferred by educators experienced in the use of both models.


By creating regulations regarding how states obtain their funding and/or threatening the withholding of monies if their guidelines are not adhered to, the Federal Department of Education has become the de facto ruler over education in a system that was intended to be directed at the state level.

Parental Control

Education should primarily focus on teaching the skills necessary for academic achievement, independent critical thought, and the principles of self-reliance. We intend to return educational leadership and oversight to the local parental level to empower parents to have greater control over the curriculum, as well as, the administrative processes in their children’s schools.

The P.T.A. and the School Board

We propose that the Parent-Teacher Association become the decision-making apparatus. Thus, the Administration and the School Board will be subject to the P.T.A. Policies concerning the education and welfare of the children should and must be made by the parents of those children in concert with the teachers and school professionals who are involved with their children daily. School Boards are extremely political. Thus, we run the risk that these positions are sought after for power and not necessarily for the good of the children. A School Board seat is often used as a ‘stepping stone’ for those with higher political ambitions. A School Board holds the power to affect generations of children and their future thought processes and belief systems. This power comes from its ability to choose curriculum, implement policy, and mandate rules and restrictions. No governmental agency should in any way supersede the developmental education process as directed by the parent.

Integrity, The Pillar for Governance

Our system of Checks and Balances includes broad constitutionally recognized individual rights and well-identified specifically limited roles for government. Governmental power is divided into Executive, Legislative, and Judicial functions. All state and federal governance was intended to be led by publicly elected legislators following transparently fair electoral processes that are free of corruption and open to the highest levels of public scrutiny.

Republican Government

Who’s That Candidate seeks to re-establish ideal republicanism within the Republican Party to ‘put the Republic back into the Republican Party’. We promote the highest levels of integrity both for our citizen legislature and for the process by which they are elected. We strive for an entirely open, transparent, and fair process for public elections. This will allow voters to focus on electing citizens of the highest moral stature to represent them with honesty and integrity. We support a legislative agenda focused on securing our God-given liberty and individual rights.

Free, Fair, and Transparent Elections

As part of our Integrity Pillar, we support returning all public elections to an entirely paper-based and hand-counted ballot process.

Transparency of Government Processes and Records

There must be easy and open public access to all government records, contracts, meeting minutes, and essentially all government documents. Government, by its very nature, cannot ever be a secretive or proprietary process.

Elected Officials – The Basis for a Renewed Republic

This process must originate within the local communities that each candidate will serve. Candidates must be identified and selected by their community as individuals who are trusted and admired by their neighbors and peers. Immediately following any election, a complete list of the voting citizens must be made publicly available within a reasonable time frame.