Who We Are

“Because ultimately America is at its best when individual civil liberties are upheld and protected as the first priority of government.”

– CZ

Who We Are

“Who’s That Candidate” is a new way to think when we enter our voting booths to elect our representatives.

The best way we can explain this is to first ask you a question.

If you order a product to be delivered to you, do you really care who the delivery driver is that brings it to your door? Not really, right? We just want what we ordered; we want it to be unbroken when we get it and we absolutely hate it when we have to haggle, beg and plead to get what we ordered. Most of us don’t even know the names of our delivery drivers. But in politics, we have been programmed to focus everything on the delivery driver. Why? They don’t make what we ordered; their job is to just deliver what we ordered. Not change it; decide it’s not in our best interest to have it or simply not deliver it!

We want to change this model by building a team that will match the Voters and their Representatives together in a way that has never before been done. We want the voter to enter the voting booth with the intent to implement a specific product that is already established before that representative even takes office. A plan, that by your vote, you endorse. We don’t want you to enter the voting booth ever again to hire a delivery driver, with the hope that they will do their job! We are going to take the focus off of the candidate and place it where it needs to be – on the product. The product you ordered!

You may be asking: how can this bold new idea be accomplished? If you would like to see how you can help make this a reality or if you just want to be a ‘looky-loo’, BRING IT ON.

Be careful. You just might become a convert!

So please, continue on through our website and explore how together we can change the way politics is being done.

Where We Stand

We hold the belief that Individual Liberty is not only a CORE principle but it is the ONLY principle.

In recent times, the government put in place demands and mandates that violate this liberty. The question has been raised as to whether we have ever had individual liberty. When liberty IS the government’s core focus, citizens can rest assured knowing their personal freedom has the protection our Founding Fathers intended.

We need to replace pencil-pushing and backscratching officials with liberty candidates that believe in our state, our country, and the ideas set forth by the vision of our adaptive founding documents.

So, who are we?

We are proud Kentuckians who are fed up with the bureaucrats in Frankfort. We are concerned Kentucky citizens who know that we have the power to affect change. We can replace the RINOs with candidates that share these universal beliefs and who are there for more than a title.

We are citizens that believe in liberty. We are YOU!

Our Principles

  • Individual Liberty is the absolute bedrock principle by which the whole world has benefited.
  • Protection of our Individual Freedoms and Liberty is the primary duty of Government.